Polina Roytman began her education at the esteemed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and, later, the Polimoda International Institute in Florence, Italy. While immersed in the culture of these two iconic cities, Roytman culled a solid understanding of fashion, which lent her the unique perspective to create characters through fashion choices. Roytman worked in fashion for Donna Karan and independent label Myth and Ritual, before transitioning into Costume Design and Fashion Styling.

Since then, she has received 5 Emmy nominations for Outstanding Costumes for Variety, Nonfiction or Reality Programming for Dancing With The Stars as an Assistant Costume Designer. She has worked on projects as varied as Nike’s Live Billboard in Times Square and Good Morning America’s Halloween Show, to America’s Got Talent, Dancing With The Stars, and Tell Your Friends: A Comedy Concert Film featuring Reggie Watts and Kristen Schaal. She has worked with esteemed directors Robert Eggers and Jay Stern; as well as Celebrity Stylist Ty-Ron Mayes and Emmy Award winning Costume Designers Sally Lesser and David Zyla; and revered photographers Andrew Macpherson, Melanie Acevedo, Jeffrey Bucari, Andres Serrano, Andrea Blanch, Devin Stinson, and Udo Spreitzenbarth.

Most recently she was the Fashion Stylist for multiple commercials, editorials, and promos starring Olympian Michael Phelps in a campaign taking a stand to help reduce water waste by making #EveryDropCount – a new PSA slogan that is part of a national water initiative from Colgate.

Other credits include: The Young and the Restless, America’s Next Top Model, BMI’s 59th Annual Country Awards, Lufthansa Airlines, MasterCard, Toshiba, Western Union, Blue Cross Blue Shield, ZINK Magazine, Susan Lucci for Malibu Pilates, StyleCaster featuring Amber Rose, Warner Bros CMA party, South by Southwest, The Nate Berkus show, CenterLight Healthcare, WestEast Magazine, Actress Marian Brock for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, Devious Maids, Comedy Central, NBC, ABC, Lincoln Center and Gerald W. Lynch Theater. You can view Roytman’s full resume here.

On June 18, 2013, Roytman launched a blog inspired by her mother, Yelizaveta. It is dedicated to ‘all things fashion, beauty, and fun’. Of her post, Anyone Can Be Photogenic! 8 Easy Steps to Looking Great in Photos, says: “This is basically the most thorough article I’ve ever read on how to take a photo. It’s SO helpful.” For more on the blog, please visit